Stuffing For Brains

My very first amigurumi was an octopus, made from a Lion Brand pattern. I was actually at Joann with my mom, who was buying yarn for a friend's going away party and, because I knew how to crochet, I thought I'd buy some yarn in a color I liked. I had no idea what I was going to make, but I liked the color, so I figured I'd find something to make! The yarn was Bernat Satin, Forest Mist Heather. I took to the internet that night and hunted down various crochet patterns. That's when I stumbled upon Lion Brand's website. They had this featured pattern of this super adorable octopus and thought, "I have no idea how to even make a circle, but I'm gonna figure this out!" And I did~ This was the result:
I think the mouth is terrible and ceased to embroider mouths for a long time after that. As soon as I shared this image on Facebook, a friend of mine requested one right away. Though, she asked for one without a mouth, which I was more than happy to provide. This is her Octopus Friend:
The photo quality is terrible, because I excitedly took a picture of it in bad lighting with my cell phone, rather than my fancy camera. But he looks just about the same as the other one.

These amis were made in January of 2009.

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