Stuffing For Brains

My co-worker/supervisor/friend was sadly transferred to a different branch (I work in a library, btw) and, as a going away present, I made her this snake dude. Her Chinese Zodiac sign is a snake, which was sort of the inspiration. It was really just kind of random. She'd just had a baby, too, and her and her husband often referred to the baby girl as like... Miss Squirmy Pants and other such silly nicknames, which is where the name came from.
Mr. Snakey Pants was made from a pattern that comes from SA Planet, and is called Snooky Snake. The pattern is easy to follow and interestingly different. I originally bought the pattern because it reminded me of Slither from the web comic Boy on a Stick and Slither by Steven Cloud.

Yarn used: Caron Simply Soft Brites, Limelight

Mr. Snakey Pants was made in April of 2009.

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