Stuffing For Brains

So... one of my best friends, who I am willing to do quite a lot for, requested a hedgehog after flipping through Ana Paula's book, Amigurumi World. Her favorite colors are black and hot pink, so I made the hedgehog in this bright pink color.

At the outset of making this hedgehog, I had no idea how very difficult it was to make the spiny coat for him. It's a very long process (and Ana Paula even mentions it in the book) and it's tricky, because you have to crochet the "spines" into an already completed object. So it's difficult to get the hook into the holes and then get the yarn through it. I declared I wouldn't make another for anyone without being paid to do it. (This guy was free, like most of the things I make.)
I was kind of sad when I finished and noticed that he's totally lopsided. The left side, in all cases, is lower than the right: the ear, the eye, the arm, even the spines go down lower. But once I noticed it, I quickly realized that the uniformity in the lopsidedness just made it look like he was tilting to the side and requesting a hug, so it made him a little cuter. ^__^ In the end, though, I was very proud of him, because he was such a challenge and turned out rather well, despite everything.

He was made with Caron Simply Soft Brites, Watermelon and some... off white/beigey Caron simply soft yarn. ^_^;

Mr. Hedgehog was made in March of 2009.

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