Stuffing For Brains

Why do birds... suddenly appear... every time... you are near? Just like me, they long to be... close to you~

So the friend who I made the bomb for actually requested these adorable love birds. The pattern came from the Lion Brand website, as you'll find is common with many of my amigurumi -- especially the first ones.
Sorry about the awkward photo... I had no idea how to make them stand up for the camera. Anyway, my friend who asked for the lovebirds picked out the yarn for them. I was sort of... unaware at the time how important it is to make sure the yarn is the same gauge. Even when the package says they're the same, you should still be sure of it. :P I did not when she picked out the colors, so the brown bird is significantly smaller than the pink one... which means the pink wings are huge and the brown wings are tiny. Luckily, she liked that, so it didn't matter. But from then on, I was far more careful.

Brown - Moda-Dea bamboo yarn
Pink - Cotton Ease, berry

These lovebirds were made in January of 2009.

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