Stuffing For Brains

Come mister tally man, tally me stitches.

One of my co-workers, who is a joy to work with and so much fun to be around, had a birthday come up when I didn't have too much other stuff to work on. So I asked her what her favorite animals were, she said a cow and an elephant (she's Hindi). So I looked through my favorite site, Lion Brand, and found this great pattern for an elephant.

This was the result:
I almost think the name is my favorite part about this guy, a play on Harry Belafonte, in case you didn't pick that one up. :) He's just a sweetheart and my co-worker really enjoyed him, so I'm glad. (Apparently her daughter was a big fan, too!)
Yarn used was Caron Simply Soft, Grey Heather.

Harry Elafonte was made in April of 2009.

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