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Edgar Von Schnuglehoffen, as the name suggests, is by far, my weirdest commission ever. It tops Painguin in sheer bizarreness.

This is approximately how the conversation went:
Me: [shows picture of hedgehog ami] I make things like this! But this hedgehog... I won't make again without charging an arm and a leg, because the spiny coat was [expletive deleted] to make!
Cassie: Aww! But it's so cute! What-- what-what if someone were to request a SHAVEN hedgehog?!
Me: It'd probably look like... a molerat or something.
Cassie: What if he had a frosting hat?! With a cherry! And sprinkles on top?!
Me: Well... that I could do... He might look funny, but...
Cassie: ^__^
Me: ^___^

Yes. So I made him. But I didn't have a needle small enough to fit through the beads I was going to use for sprinkles... so I used teeny, tiny jingly bells for sprinkles... which is really kind of a trade up. With such a strange creature, he needed a strange and fantastic name. During the making of, I decided on Edgar Von Schnuglehoffen.
In a note from Edgar's owner, she wrote:
  • Edgar resides on my bedside table, just so ya know. My kitties are constantly curious about him, but I fend off their inquisitive paws. Not that I don't think he could hold his own! Mr. Schnuglehoffen is quite able to fend for himself, I'm sure. It takes a tough hedgehog to be able to confidently walk about in the buff with naught but a frosting hat that jingles. *sagely nod*

Caron Simply Soft: Bone
Caron Simply Soft Brites: Grape

Edgar was Brought into Existence in August of 2009.

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