Stuffing For Brains

People kept pushing to say that I could easily sell my amigurumi and a friend of mine, faaaaaaar away in another state, actually has a flea market booth. So I decided to spend some time making a bunch of little cupcakes. Because we didn't know how well they would sell, and because safety eyes can get expensive when you need a lot of them, I made the cupcakes all faceless. Here's the resulting army...
Yarn used:
Caron Simply Soft Brites, Grape, Limelight, Watermelon, Berry Blue and Blue Mint.
Caron Simply Soft Tweet, White.

Pattern from Kelli Ronci's Kid's Crochet.

Cupcake army was completed in April of 2009. (As of October '09, however, none of them have actually sold.)

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