Stuffing For Brains

A friend of mine -- you'll find a lot of these start with "my friend asked for" or "I made this for a friend who" and so on -- anyway, my friend is an anthropologist and archeologist and works with bones all the time. So naturally, she asked me if I could make her a skull.  The pattern is from, by a member called NerdyCrochetGal (pattern found here). My friend picked out the buttons she wanted for the eyes, because she didn't want roses.
We realized, after it was made, that the skull actually looked a bit like the skull shaped entrance to a local burger joint called The Vortex. I actually don't know what kind of yarn I used for this, because my friend provided the yarn in a ball, which I used. I like this guy, and he hangs out on my friend's desk at work. :D

This skull was made in January of 2009.

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