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Stuffing For Brains

So, I was teaching a friend how to crochet, because she wanted to learn to make a blanket the way her grandmother did. I bought this yarn, which is exactly the kind of colors my friend would love (her favorite color is rainbow!), so I decided to make her a scarf with the waffle stitch that I figured out for my first friend.
From this image, it's just about impossible to tell that it's a waffle stitch, because the color of the yarn was so intense, my camera couldn't actually hand it AND the waffle stitch at the same time while showing the whole scarf. In other words, here's a macro of the waffle stitch:
Yarn: Red Heart Kids: Bikini Multi
Hook: J/10

The pattern is original, for the scarf, I'll post it whenever I can borrow the scarf and remember just what I did. :) Though, I did just notice that the macro image of the scarf is sideways. Hah!

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