Stuffing For Brains

This one was for a coworker that transferred out of my branch to another one. We were all really sad to see her go. :( So I wanted to give her something to take with her.
The scarf is quite long and the yarn changed colors a lot. Of all the pictures I took of it, I liked this one the best. The yarn was lovely, it switched from cream to white to cream to brown to purple to brown to cream to white and back and forth, so it always came out look symmetrical, rather than rotating colors. (i.e. cream, white, brow, purple, cream, ...)
This is just a super close up of the pattern made on the scarf.

The yarn is Paton's Lace: Midas.
Made with an E hook.

The pattern came from Paton's website, called "Delicate Lace Scarf"

This is actually one of my favorite projects I've made. It's the first time I've worked with a lace weight yarn and the outcome is so pretty and, indeed, delicate! :)