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I made this scarf for a friend on a whim while teaching her to crochet. She's since taken off into a world of excited crochet work~ (I swear, she's only been at it for two weeks and she's going to surpass me!) She took this photo for me with her fancy Nikon camera. ooh. ahh.

The design sort of looks like butterflies to me, if you look at the holes in the work, rather than the actual crochet. It may be easier to see in person, but if you sort of turn your head and squint, maybe you can see it too. The butterflies are actually upside down, in this picture.
Butterfly Lace
The design comes from The Complete Book of Crochet Stitch Designs, but the pattern is otherwise original.

Lily's Sugar n Cream: Plum

I made these cases for a Relay for Life auction. They fit just about any smart phone with or without a hard case on top (unless it's an otterbox case on an iPhone, which is huge).
Original Pattern

Caron Simply Soft:
Blue Mint

I make a lot of things for coworkers. Mostly they request them or it's something that I can make which is personal for gifts.

Anyway, one of my coworkers has a niece with a little preemie baby that was born two months early. He came before the baby shower even! So I made this set of three hats for them in Auburn colors (parents are huge Auburn U fans, I'm told). I've seen lots of pictures of this little guy and I'm glad to know he's doing well. So I was very happy to make these three little hats for him to grow into. :)
The first hat, on the top of the stack, is about big enough to fit on an orange (this is how big his head was described to be -- SO TINY!), the middle one is about newborn baby sized, the bottom one is toddler or 12 month old size.

Orange ~ TLC Essentials: Persimmon
Blue ~ Red Heart Super Saver: Royal

The yarn in the photo looks brighter than it does in person... Hmm. Though, I'm told the father was quite happy with the colors. :) Considering I don't follow college football at all, I'm glad I did well!

Original patterns (or, you know, general increasing stitches in a round for the first two, the big one was more of an actual pattern).
So, I was teaching a friend how to crochet, because she wanted to learn to make a blanket the way her grandmother did. I bought this yarn, which is exactly the kind of colors my friend would love (her favorite color is rainbow!), so I decided to make her a scarf with the waffle stitch that I figured out for my first friend.
From this image, it's just about impossible to tell that it's a waffle stitch, because the color of the yarn was so intense, my camera couldn't actually hand it AND the waffle stitch at the same time while showing the whole scarf. In other words, here's a macro of the waffle stitch:
Yarn: Red Heart Kids: Bikini Multi
Hook: J/10

The pattern is original, for the scarf, I'll post it whenever I can borrow the scarf and remember just what I did. :) Though, I did just notice that the macro image of the scarf is sideways. Hah!
I made these two scarves for a Relay for Life auction. This is the same pattern I used for the bright blue scarf I made before (pictured with a hat a few posts back). I love this pattern because it's so easy to do and makes a cool, soft ripple effect when it's done.
Caron Simply Soft Collection: Pistachio
Caron Simply Soft Eco: Black

Hook: I/9

I also made a purple one using Caron Simply Soft Collection: Passion. I'll post that one when I get a picture of it. It's still around the house, but I had to turn these two in before the auction. Thus the not-so-great picture of them, taken 2 minutes before leaving for work!