Stuffing For Brains

I make a lot of things for coworkers. Mostly they request them or it's something that I can make which is personal for gifts.

Anyway, one of my coworkers has a niece with a little preemie baby that was born two months early. He came before the baby shower even! So I made this set of three hats for them in Auburn colors (parents are huge Auburn U fans, I'm told). I've seen lots of pictures of this little guy and I'm glad to know he's doing well. So I was very happy to make these three little hats for him to grow into. :)
The first hat, on the top of the stack, is about big enough to fit on an orange (this is how big his head was described to be -- SO TINY!), the middle one is about newborn baby sized, the bottom one is toddler or 12 month old size.

Orange ~ TLC Essentials: Persimmon
Blue ~ Red Heart Super Saver: Royal

The yarn in the photo looks brighter than it does in person... Hmm. Though, I'm told the father was quite happy with the colors. :) Considering I don't follow college football at all, I'm glad I did well!

Original patterns (or, you know, general increasing stitches in a round for the first two, the big one was more of an actual pattern).
Okay. So. Augh. I officially do not like making baby booties. The patterns are complicated in a certain way that just my brain want to melt! It took me ages to just get over my dislike and actually finish these poor, neglected baby booties. And I genuinely hope they'll still fit the baby they were intended for!! Eep. At any rate, I finished them today. And here they are, adorable pink Mary Jane baby booties.
Honestly, it's been so long since I've started these that I genuinely don't remember where I got the pattern from anymore. :( But it was on page 107 of a BOOK and was titled Baby Mary Janes.

The yarn used was Caron Simply Soft - Soft Pink
Hook E/4
Someone at work asked me if I could make a pair of baby booties and a bib for her friend's newborn baby boy. She just asked that they be blue and white. I found the bib pattern online, with the Googles. The pattern says it's a Lily Chin Signature Collection pattern, I think the pattern might be named Chelsea. The booties pattern came from the November/December issue of Crochet Today, page 70, Gumdrop Booties.
I like the bib best, and how the ends of the bib ties curl all cute-like.

Bernat Satin, Lapis
Caron Simply Soft, White