Stuffing For Brains

I made these two scarves for a Relay for Life auction. This is the same pattern I used for the bright blue scarf I made before (pictured with a hat a few posts back). I love this pattern because it's so easy to do and makes a cool, soft ripple effect when it's done.
Caron Simply Soft Collection: Pistachio
Caron Simply Soft Eco: Black

Hook: I/9

I also made a purple one using Caron Simply Soft Collection: Passion. I'll post that one when I get a picture of it. It's still around the house, but I had to turn these two in before the auction. Thus the not-so-great picture of them, taken 2 minutes before leaving for work!
Okay. So. Augh. I officially do not like making baby booties. The patterns are complicated in a certain way that just my brain want to melt! It took me ages to just get over my dislike and actually finish these poor, neglected baby booties. And I genuinely hope they'll still fit the baby they were intended for!! Eep. At any rate, I finished them today. And here they are, adorable pink Mary Jane baby booties.
Honestly, it's been so long since I've started these that I genuinely don't remember where I got the pattern from anymore. :( But it was on page 107 of a BOOK and was titled Baby Mary Janes.

The yarn used was Caron Simply Soft - Soft Pink
Hook E/4