Stuffing For Brains

An old friend of mine got married last night and I offered to crochet something for him and his bride-to-be before the wedding. He waffled a little for a moment, then realized the perfect thing: a lobster.

The two of them once learned that lobsters mate for life and since then, they started to say "You're my lobster!" to one another. So that's what I made for them. It was cute, at the wedding they actually had a lot of lobsters, including a lobster cake! 
So this is the lobster I made. It's hard to read properly in the picture (and I promise it looks better in person), but embroidered on the stomach it says "A + J 2011" which are their initials and, obviously, the year they got married.
A + J 2011

Both the bride and the groom loved the lobster and, in fact, the groom carried it around in his pocket half the night at the reception. :D I was very happy he enjoyed it so much!

Pattern: Red Heart
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft - Red
Hook: G/6

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