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If Edgar Von Schnuglehoffen was the most bizarre of all amis I've made, Eeyore was the most... intricate amigurumi I've made. He's also the biggest. The pattern came from an AMAZING amigurumi pattern maker who goes by Siempre Josefina. You can check out her website here, and her Etsy account here. Josefina's patterns are not only beautiful, but also very easy to follow. She's great to buy from, has reasonable prices and just great!

This is how my version of her Eeyore pattern turned out:
This Eeyore was made for the friend who got the hedgehog and the turtle. It was a birthday present to her, because she's a huuuge fan of Eeyore and every year I give her an Eeyore of some sort. This year, I made her one!

The main differences between my execution of Eeyore and the way the pattern are all in the tail. The tail, in Josefina's pattern, is meant to be attached, with a crochet (or felt, I forget) thumbtack and a crochet bow. I made the bow out of real ribbon (fancy stuff, too, which drove me crazy because it was too delicate, but it was the best color match) and I used a button for the pushpin. Also, his tail is completely detachable. While most Eeyore plushies have the tail attached by Velcro, I decided to put magnets into the tail and bum. It's sooo awesome, I'm really happy with the way it turned out. :D
I love him so much!

Caron Simply Soft: Soft Blue & Soft Pink
Darice: Super Strong Ceramic Magnets & Super Heavy Duty Craft Magnets

Eeyore was juuust barely completed on time in September of 2009.

please need a patterns


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