Stuffing For Brains

Some of you may remember Purtle, the Purple Turtle that I made for my sister-in-law. Well! I made him a cousin, Pinkerton, the Pink Turtle! He was made by request for my friend's birthday. Well, by her husband's request, as it was a surprise for her. :)
Pinkerton was made with Caron Simply Soft yarns:
Brites: Watermelon
Soft Pink

Made with a G/6 hook and a pattern altered from the Lion Brand website.
Pinkerton and Purtle hanging out together, 'cause they're buddies, just before Pinkerton flew to the other side of the country to live with Matt and Jen. <3
This is Purtle. Purtle is a Purple Turtle~! Obviously.

I made this little guy for my sister-in-law-to-be when I realized I hadn't made any amigurumis for her. She requested a turtle and because she loves purple... and I have lots of purple yarn, I decided to make a purple turtle. And name it Purtle.
Caron Simply Soft: Orchid and Lavender Blue
Caron Simply Soft Brites: Grape

Altered pattern from Lion Brand's Turtle.
So, for the friend who requested the hedgehog, she also requested a turtle. This particular guy was made from a pattern on the Lion Brand website. You can tell what I make for this friend because it's often hot pink. She also was given a hot pink cupcake, but I never got a picture of it.
I really liked this guy. He was a breeze to make, just took a while because he's surprisingly large. In the end, he kind of reminded me of a Mario koopa, but, clearly, isn't.

Caron Simply Soft Brites, Watermelon
Caron Simply Soft Brites, Limelight

Turtle was made in March of 2009.