Stuffing For Brains

Bludolf the red nose, blue reindeer, had a very colorful life~
And if you ever saw him... you'd wanna be... his wife...?

Yeah... I'll stick to the crocheting.

So, anyway, this was made back in December and I just haven't been uploading things lately. The story behind Bludolf is a silly one, of course, like all my silly amigurumis. My friend and I were making Christmas cookies a few years ago and while all hopped up on frosting and sugar cookie dough, we decided to make funny colored reindeer. Well, just one, really, he was blue. And so I put a bit of red on his nose, so he could be Rudolf. Because of the fact that he was blue, though... his name, of course, had to be Bludolf. 

For whatever reason, my friend cracked up. It only got worse when we started quoting Labyrinth, sort of, and saying "Bludolf! FRIEND!" in Bluto's voice. To this day, it still makes us laugh. So I made her this as a Christmas gift. 
Bludolf! Friend!
Pattern from Lion Brand website

Caron Simply Soft: 
Blue Mint

G/6 (like a g6, like a g6...)
I went to an October craft group meeting and had to think of something befittingly Octobery to make, so I went with a winged pattern of little ghosties!

I made it up as I went along, then had to recreate it twice more! :X The only difference between the three is that one has big eyes, one has little eyes and one has o_O wonky eyes.
The wonky eyed one is my favorite. :)

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft, White

These ghosts were completed in October of 2009. Also, after this, all of the amis should be posted in real time, as they're finished.
Easter rolled around and I wanted to make my first holiday themed ami. I actually found the pattern for this egg somewhere on the internet, and I don't really remember where anymore. The pattern was a bit wonky, though, it had a few errors in it. The basket, though, I made up the pattern for.
I had this grand scheme that I was going to make eggs in all different colors and little baskets to go with them, doing little ribbons in complementary colors. Like most things when I'm crocheting, the ideas are often grander than the outcome. I only made a couple eggs, in the end (which I don't think I ever even photographed) and I think I only made the one basket. But I am in love with the basket I did make. In fact, here's a close up of it!
Those stitches are so awesome... they so resemble an actual woven basket. At least, to me. This is the same texture I use for cupcake tops and the reason I really like working in the back loops only.

I know this yarn is the same as the yarn used for the hedgehog, but I still don't remember what brand or color it was. :/ Sorry! The yarn for the egg, however, is Caron Simply Soft Brites, Rose Violet.

This egg and basket were made in April of 2009.