Stuffing For Brains

Uhm. I don't really have any words for this one. I just had some yarn and did something with it, basically. Annnd, this was the result.
Original Pattern

Lion Brand Homespun Pearls
Lion Brand FunFur Chocolate

Hook: N
Edgar Von Schnuglehoffen, as the name suggests, is by far, my weirdest commission ever. It tops Painguin in sheer bizarreness.

This is approximately how the conversation went:
Me: [shows picture of hedgehog ami] I make things like this! But this hedgehog... I won't make again without charging an arm and a leg, because the spiny coat was [expletive deleted] to make!
Cassie: Aww! But it's so cute! What-- what-what if someone were to request a SHAVEN hedgehog?!
Me: It'd probably look like... a molerat or something.
Cassie: What if he had a frosting hat?! With a cherry! And sprinkles on top?!
Me: Well... that I could do... He might look funny, but...
Cassie: ^__^
Me: ^___^

Yes. So I made him. But I didn't have a needle small enough to fit through the beads I was going to use for sprinkles... so I used teeny, tiny jingly bells for sprinkles... which is really kind of a trade up. With such a strange creature, he needed a strange and fantastic name. During the making of, I decided on Edgar Von Schnuglehoffen.
In a note from Edgar's owner, she wrote:
  • Edgar resides on my bedside table, just so ya know. My kitties are constantly curious about him, but I fend off their inquisitive paws. Not that I don't think he could hold his own! Mr. Schnuglehoffen is quite able to fend for himself, I'm sure. It takes a tough hedgehog to be able to confidently walk about in the buff with naught but a frosting hat that jingles. *sagely nod*

Caron Simply Soft: Bone
Caron Simply Soft Brites: Grape

Edgar was Brought into Existence in August of 2009.
Painguin is a special sort of amigurumi. It was the most detailed and challenging amigurumi I'd made by this point. I was really excited about it when my friend/co-worker requested this particular guy. Painguin is his comic hero that he made up one day and draws all the time at work. Here is the execution along with the design he gave me:
I absolutely winged this pattern. I used elements from other patterns that looked similar to what I wanted. For example, the feet were made from a pattern for a lion main. A lot of things I also made up. This was the most embroidery I'd done to date, as well. I'm hapyp with everything on him, with the exception of how low the nose is. I was annoyed once he was finished with that the nose was so low, especially in consideration of how high it is in the picture. But it happened because it was the first thing I put on, before the eyes and tummy. My co-worker, however, was absolutely thrilled with the way he came out, so I guess that it's all good. ^__^

I think the blue yarn used in this is Caron Simply Soft Brites, Berry Blue, but it might also be Bernat Satin, Cobalt. I'm really not sure, as I didn't keep record of the yarns I used at this point. I don't know about the rest of the yarn.

Painguin was made in January of 2009.