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An old friend of mine got married last night and I offered to crochet something for him and his bride-to-be before the wedding. He waffled a little for a moment, then realized the perfect thing: a lobster.

The two of them once learned that lobsters mate for life and since then, they started to say "You're my lobster!" to one another. So that's what I made for them. It was cute, at the wedding they actually had a lot of lobsters, including a lobster cake! 
So this is the lobster I made. It's hard to read properly in the picture (and I promise it looks better in person), but embroidered on the stomach it says "A + J 2011" which are their initials and, obviously, the year they got married.
A + J 2011

Both the bride and the groom loved the lobster and, in fact, the groom carried it around in his pocket half the night at the reception. :D I was very happy he enjoyed it so much!

Pattern: Red Heart
Yarn: Caron Simply Soft - Red
Hook: G/6
Uhm. I don't really have any words for this one. I just had some yarn and did something with it, basically. Annnd, this was the result.
Original Pattern

Lion Brand Homespun Pearls
Lion Brand FunFur Chocolate

Hook: N
Bludolf the red nose, blue reindeer, had a very colorful life~
And if you ever saw him... you'd wanna be... his wife...?

Yeah... I'll stick to the crocheting.

So, anyway, this was made back in December and I just haven't been uploading things lately. The story behind Bludolf is a silly one, of course, like all my silly amigurumis. My friend and I were making Christmas cookies a few years ago and while all hopped up on frosting and sugar cookie dough, we decided to make funny colored reindeer. Well, just one, really, he was blue. And so I put a bit of red on his nose, so he could be Rudolf. Because of the fact that he was blue, though... his name, of course, had to be Bludolf. 

For whatever reason, my friend cracked up. It only got worse when we started quoting Labyrinth, sort of, and saying "Bludolf! FRIEND!" in Bluto's voice. To this day, it still makes us laugh. So I made her this as a Christmas gift. 
Bludolf! Friend!
Pattern from Lion Brand website

Caron Simply Soft: 
Blue Mint

G/6 (like a g6, like a g6...)